Hot water in combination with body massage promotes blood circulation and lymph gland activity.  An affected tissue on that way gets better access to oxygen as well as to beneficial nutrients. In this way the healing process is accelerated. At the same time, flowing water is relaxes body and reduces the tension on most of the muscles. Thus the body gradually gets into a condition of complete relaxation.

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In Thailand, Thai massage is known as an "ancient" or "traditional" massage. Traditional Thai massage is a combination of acupressure, Shiatsu and yogic stretching exercises.

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Sauna has many effects on our body. Under the influence of high temperatures (60° to 110° C,  and minimum air humidity 10-30%) comes to significant skin perfusion.


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Give your body reserved relax



In Thailand, Thai massage is known as an "ancient" or "traditional" massage. Traditional Thai massage is a combination of acupressure, Shiatsu and yogic stretching exercises. Thai massage stimulates the acupressure points on whole body, and on that way it heals pain and relieves tension. Most of the Thai people go for massage regularly because they believe that massage will be able to keep them healthy and balanced.

Thai Massage got a nickname "Yoga for lazy". It has got gentle techniques and passive stretching exercises. It starts from feet, scrolls towards the head and moves the body carefully, and ultimately results in relaxing and stretching. Special systems of movements allow a very easy massage without any strenuous effort.  Every move is designed to support client as well as a therapist. Furthermore except lazy yoga, therapist with palms and feet applies a gentle pressure along energy lines and acupressure - with aim to bring together the body, energy and mind.


Effects of Thai massage on body:

  • Increasing sense for peace
  • increasing energy and opening  the meridians (energy pathways) in the body and this way relieving pain and muscle tension
  • improving flexibility of the body
  • increasing blood circulation
  • encouraging a better and healthier sleeping habits
  • treating back , neck and shoulder pain
  • helps in healing strong headaches, stress and mental fatigue


Thai massage is equally suitable for the young and old people, active or not very active, healthy or sick people. It helps them to shorten recovery time after injuries and to rebalance their body.
It is believed that Thai massage has relaxing and energizing beneficial effects even on the therapist, because it creates a sense of enlightenment, peace and good feeling.


What to expect from Thai massage?
At the beginning of the session, the therapist will find out the problems on your body and according to that he will choose which massage technique will be applied in treatment. The therapist massages the body systematically from the tips of toes to the top of the head with slow and gentle moves - which becomes higher before stretching exercises. The massage can be performed by elbows, forearms, legs as well as by knees.

One of the key features of traditional Thai massage is blocking and releasing a blood flow, which is also known as
a therapy of trigger points . Massages should be continuous and not exceed more than 30 seconds. Mostly this pressure is applied on hull, on the place where feet and hands meet with the hull. Later on when this pressure is released, it makes a person to feel a rush of heat which is made by blood flow. This phenomenon accelerates the blood circulation in the body. It sounds a bit strange but it's a pretty exciting because this is very different feeling from anything we normally
feel . Thai massage ends with a short head massage (which is similar to Indian head massage), after which the masseuse for a few seconds clog your ears with her fingers and then release them. This move affects your mind and thoughts. Actually it restores mind thoughts back to the right place and right time. It sounds strange but this is a really good way “how to bring you back to consciousness."

Thailand is very proud on its name - country of smiles. After massage you will feel happy and calm. You can also feel an extraordinary feeling of peace and energy fullness which make you to feel lighter, higher or balanced. You do not have to feel sleepy after the massage, let yourself  to get back to the real world
gradually  as with any massage. We highly recommend to each customer to drink a lot of water after the massage therapy.

Massage Bed


In certain periods of our life it’s common that almost every single person start to have some spine deformations. Spine condition is defined by condition of spine nerves which stands out from the spinal cord and leading towards internal organs. On that way they are affecting all organs in our body. It’s revealed that regular sports in childhood and adolescence can help in avoiding some of spinal disorders. Special exercises for the spine and back massage could be helpful for abnormal spine diseases. Spa Pro Jade bed could help you to get over mentioned spine problems. Spa Pro Tradicional Jade Massage Bed with his extraordinary multifaceted effect helps in improving and maintaining a good physical condition. Also it provides a various kinds of therapies for different kinds of health problems.
Jade is a kind of semiprecious stone which is used for treatment over a millennium of year. Its beneficial effect on the body is highly recognized.

Jade stones are heated by soaked halogen lamps built from carbon plates and tourmaline stones. Therapy with Jade stones helps to open the meridians on the body which represents the key point for charging the body with energy. Spa Pro Tradicional Jade Massage Bed helps to maintain a balance of body which gives a pleasant feeling, simply called – health.

Results of the therapy by Spa Pro Tradicional Jade Massage Bed:

  • Ceasing sleep disturbance
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Relaxing muscles
  • Better calcium absorption
  • Regulation of a vertebral
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Releasing the nerve fibers
  • Stretching of the blood vessels
  • Reducing pain in joints and muscles
  • Elimination of tingling sensation

After 3-4 months, the pain in body vanishes, blood sugar level and blood pressure decreases.

The body is cleansed from waste products which stimulates life energy.