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Hot water in combination with body massage promotes blood circulation and lymph gland activity.  An affected tissue on that way gets better access to oxygen as well as to beneficial nutrients. In this way the healing process is accelerated. At the same time, flowing water is relaxes body and reduces the tension on most of the muscles. Thus the body gradually gets into a condition of complete relaxation.

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In Thailand, Thai massage is known as an "ancient" or "traditional" massage. Traditional Thai massage is a combination of acupressure, Shiatsu and yogic stretching exercises.

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Sauna has many effects on our body. Under the influence of high temperatures (60° to 110° C,  and minimum air humidity 10-30%) comes to significant skin perfusion.


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General conditions

RELAX WORLD 'S, Považanova 2 , Bratislava Dubravka

Capacity of RELAX WORLD’S center: max 10-12 people

One sauna entrance includes: one bath towel, one sheet and one pair of slippers.
(Used sheets, bath towels and slippers you are leaving on a reception desk together with a keys from the cloakroom)
(Slippers are professionally disinfected after each use)

First aid kit is located at the reception.

The main conditions for the sauna use:

  • A customer is obligated to apply all mentioned rules below while during the sauna use:
  • It’s recommended that customer stay naked during the sauna use due to hygienic and physiological reasons.
  • The customer should due to hygiene reasons use in saunas as well as in a breakout room principally their own towel and sheet.
  • The customer should be barefoot or in clean slippers during their visit to Relax worlds spa. The slippers should be left in front of the sauna.
  • In the whole area of Relax Worlds spa, smoking, phoning as well as bringing your own food or drinks is forbidden. It is necessary in spa to maintain a piece and silence.

Instruction for sauna use

  • Sauna is intended for use only by healthy people and every single client takes their own risk. The people, who have a fever, cough colds, diarrhea or something else as well as people with a communicable inflammation of the upper respiratory tract is not allowed to use the sauna. Also the people who are suffering from diseases which are manifesting through a skin rash or by open wounds it’s not allowed to use the sauna.
  • Further the sauna use is not allowed to the people who are a carrier of a intestinal diseases and also a family member whom some of a family members are suffering from any infectious disease.
  • Ill people, suffering from some other diseases which are not mention here, can use the sauna on their own risk.
  • Fundamentally we are not providing our services to the people who are under the influence of alcohol.

The sauna procedure:

  • Please take over from a receptionist a clean sheet, bath towel and a key from a locker of a cloak room.
  • After getting the key from a locker, please leave in the cloak room your shoes, clothes and personal things.
  • Before going to sauna, please take a shower.
  • In the sauna for sitting or lying please use your towel.
  • After leaving of the sauna please take a shower off the sweat and cool with cold water.
  • In a beaker with cold water please enter slowly and cautiously. Hold a handrails and edge of the beaker.
  • A cycles of overheating and cooling it is good to repeat approximately for 3 times
  • After the last cycle please take a shower.
  • Please after a cycle of overheating take only non-alcoholic drinks.

Hydro massage Jacuzzi

  • Always take a shower before entering in the Jacuzzi and also after leaving it. Showering before is removing a products for a body care, deodorants, creams, etc, which can cause a water pollution and make a consumption burden of sanitation composition and the filter cycle duration . Showering after Jacuzzi is reducing the risk of skin sensitivity to chemicals which are present in the water.Please approach the water slowly and carefully, that the body can adapt on the water temperature. Also be careful when you are leaving the water. Stand out slowly to avoid injury by slipping. Never use Jacuzzi under the influence of alcohol! If you are taking medicines, please consult possible harmful effects which they can cause in a combination with a hot bath!
  • Never leave a children or elderly people in hot water unattended!
  • People with a skin, ear, genital and other kinds of body infection, as well as people with a open wounds and rashes cannot go into the Jacuzzi due to a possibility of spreading the infection.
  • People with heart disease, diabetes, circulatory system or blood pressure problems, namely people with a serious illness, or pregnant women should before going to Jacuzzi first consult with a doctor.
  • It’s not recommended to go to Jacuzzi immediately after strenuous exercising.
  • Extended stay in the Jacuzzi could be dangerous from the medical point of view. The recommended time is around 30 minutes.
  • Risk of electric shock! Please do not leave any electrical device as a light, cell phone, radio, etc closer than 1, 5 m from the Jacuzzi.
  • Pregnant women as well as women who suppose to be pregnant should consult with a doctor in advance before going to Jacuzzi.